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Each year, more than 20,000 new contracts are signed through public procurements in Sweden, worth more than SEK 800 billion SEK. Many companies completely or partially refrain from submitting tenders for these contracts. It may be because they don’t believe they have a chance to win them, that they think the formal requirements are unreasonable / incomprehensible, or that the labour input would take too much time from the regular work.

Did you know that 20 - 25% of all tenders in public procurement are rejected due to carelessness or ignorance from the bidders?
Let us at BID mag Anbudshjälp help you with your work with tenders!
We at BID mag Anbudshjälp know how to avoid being disqualified and how to increase the chance of leaving a winning bid.

Our owner and CEO Göran Danielsson has worked within LOU since 1997, mainly as BID manager, among others at Banverket Telenät, Bredbandsbolaget, Skanska, NCC, Flextronics, Relacom and since 2012 as owner, CEO, BID manager, advisor and teacher at BiD mag. Göran also works as an advisor and legal support in case review and with the establishment and revision of management systems for quality, environment, work environment, gender equality, etc.

BID management

We at BID mag Anbudshjälp offer help with the following steps:

  • Find relevant procurements for you
  • Do business-related analyzes of procurements to determine if it is possible and appropriate for you to participate in them
  • Review and completion of existing documentation
  • Writing of tenders and / or leading of the entire tender process
  • Review tenders before submission
  • Provide tips and advice for submitting a tender
  • Provide tips and advice after award decisions
  • Assistance in tendering and contract negotiations
  • Follow-up for feedback and experience
  • Support before and during any review
  • Management system for quality, environment, work environment, gender equality etc. help with review and development

Establishment of appeals

BID mag Anbudshjälp can help you with review of contracts, where you find that everything has not been correctly handled, that your tender has been incorrectly assessed and that you have thus suffered damage from this. BID mag Anbudshjälp then handles the contact with the relevant courts, either together with you, or we handle the matter completely until the result is announced.

Investigation / assessment

  • BID mag Anbudshjälp can help you determine if the contractor has evaluated and made decisions in accordance with the tender documentation and the Public Procurement Act and verify that the winning bid is formally correct.
  • If we conclude that the procurement has not proceeded correctly, BID mag Anbudshjälp can evaluate the chance of success in an appeal, provide legal advice and also assist you in the administrative right if you choose to review.

    Creating applications
  • BID mag Anbudshjälp can help you write applications and any subsequent opinions to relevant courts.

Management system

We at BID mag Anbudshjälp are specialists in helping to describe management systems for quality, environment, work environment, gender equality etc. If you do not have such a system, we can help to establish such a system from the beginning, including all required texts, forms and everything that should be included in a certifiable management system.

You can always get a fixed price on the assignment you are interested in. Just contact us and tell us what you want help with, and you will have a priced proposal by the next working day.

Of course, all our work is done under complete confidentiality and a confidentiality agreement is drawn up for each individual assignment. Examples of such a privacy agreement can be found under the Documents tab.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us via any of the options on the contact page!

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