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Each year 20 000 new contracts are signed through public procurement in Sweden, representing a value of 80 billion €. A lot of companies more or less refrains from participation in these procurements, due to conviction that there is no chance to win them or that the formal and bureaucratic procedures are too complicated and/or consumes too much time.

BID mag is the perfect support and complement for companies from outside Sweden who are planning to, or are interested in, participation in Swedish Public Procurements. Even companies that already participates in these Procurements but experiences that the formal and bureaucratic procedures consumes too much time, will find BID mag a great relief and timesaver.

BID mag offers a wide range of services, from support in selected tasks, to a complete commitment including monitoring relevant forum for new procurements, review of documents and routines, establishing tenders, negotiation, legal guidance etc.

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BID management, how it works

Decision Points (DP)

DP 1 Business Qualification:

Description of scoope

Extent and delimitation

Suitable object?

  • Volume
  • Economy

Positive factors

Negative factors


Decision: Proceed, Yes or No

DP 2 BID Review

Exposition of documantation

Ways and means

  • Personel
  • Equipment
  • Economy

Positive factors

Negative factors


Decision: Attend, Yes or No

DP 3 Agreement review

Exposition of agreement contents

Comparsion with company policy

  • Legal
  • Economy


Decision: Sign, Yes or No





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