About us

BID mag is an independent and professional BID-partner, offering help concerning all kinds of tasks within BID Management. Our core business is helping entrepreneurs and vendors in the formal and often bureaucratic procedures in establishing complete tenders for more or less complex procurements.

Our specialty, where we are in possession of absolute edge competence, is Public Procurements according to the Swedish law “Lagen om Offentlig Upphandling” (LOU).

We guarantee that every tender established by us are formally approved according to the procurement regulations!

We offer a test period over three months, including the ”total commitment” at the price of 500 €/month. We are also interested in discussing different types of agreements for support in specific tasks and/or at specific times when support is needed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us through some of the methods on our Contact page!

BID management, how it works

Decision Points (DP)

DP 1 Business Qualification:

Description of scoope

Extent and delimitation

Suitable object?

  • Volume
  • Economy

Positive factors

Negative factors


Decision: Proceed, Yes or No

DP 2 BID Review

Exposition of documantation

Ways and means

  • Personel
  • Equipment
  • Economy

Positive factors

Negative factors


Decision: Attend, Yes or No

DP 3 Agreement review

Exposition of agreement contents

Comparsion with company policy

  • Legal
  • Economy


Decision: Sign, Yes or No





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